I am a student in the Experimental Psychology DPhil program at the University of Oxford. I received my Bachelors from University of Delaware where I worked with Dr. James Hoffman and Dr. Steven Most in unraveling the neural correlates of a phenomena known as Emotion Induced Blindness using EEG. Subsequently, I spent two years working full time in Dr. Jeremy Wolfe’s Visual Attention Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School as a research assistant. During my time there, I dedicated a great deal of time to researching hybrid search, which is the combination of visual search and memory search. After my time as a research assistant, I moved to Frankfurt, Germany to complete my Masters at Goethe Universität's Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Masters program where I worked on my thesis of understanding the contributions of Anchor objects in scenes with Dr. Melissa Võ. I am currently a student in Dr. Kia Nobre's Brain and Cognition Lab. My current research is exploring how theories of predictive coding my fit with more complex tasks and stimuli.